My kits

New: little monsters

Scary little monsters! Little monsters are on GingerScraps. Amazing pages from my CT:

DSD 2021 – Special sale

This year’s DSD, I have a special sale at Ginger Scraps: 50% off for all item and 2 grab bags: 3 bundles for $20. 5 kits for $15.

New CU 61-65

New CU 61-65 at Ginger Scraps – 50% off from Oct 1st- 7th.

New: Time to travel

It’s summer, time to travel! Time to travel available at Ginger Scraps – 50% off through Oct 7th. Layouts by my CT:

New – All seasons: autumn

Autumn is coming, write down your fall bucket list! All seasons: autumn bundle sale on GingerScraps. Stunning layouts from my CT:

New: Woodland forest

Walking in the forest, all you need is adventure! Woodland forest now available at GingerScraps. Wonderful layouts by my CTs:

New: I scream for ice cream

I scream for ice cream bundle now sale on GingerScraps. My CT’s layouts:

Mega collab: DigiFriends

Special Birthday 2021 Grab Bag by 4 Designers at Gingerscraps! Everyone has access to the Internet, and it’s very easy to bond with people who are far away. Digifriends are just as good to have as a real friend. This Grab Bag contains Mega Collection created by 4 Designers (JB Studio, HeartMade Scrapbook, Neia ScrapsĐọc tiếp “Mega collab: DigiFriends”

New: Colorful autumn

Colorful autumn bundle sale 50% off on GingerScraps from September 1-5. Amazing layout from my CT:

New: All seasons – summer

All seasons – summer bundle are sale 50% off – August 1-5 at GingerScraps. My CTs’ layouts:

New CU 46-50

New CU 41-45 are available on GingerScraps:

New: CU 41-45

New CU 41-45 are available on GingerScraps:

New: Baby shower: girl

Baby shower girl bundle now sale on both my stores: GingerScraps and ScrapGirls: Wonderful pages from my CTs:

New: Baby shower: boy

Baby shower boy bundle now sale on both my stores: GingerScraps and ScrapGirls: Some amazing layouts by my CT:

New: Stars and stripe

Happy birthday America! Land that I love! Stars and stripes by HeartMade Scrapbook at GingerScraps and ScrapGirls. Lovely pages by my CTs:

New: Colorful summer

This is summertime, remember forever! Colorful summer bundle now available on GingerScraps – Buffet July from 1-5: Adorable layouts from my CTs:

New: Best dad ever

Dad: A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love! Happy father’s day!Best Dad ever bundle now sale on ScrapGirls and GingerScraps: Awesome pages from my CT:

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